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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Post

I, Curmudgeoness Koss, am glad we got all that thankfulness out of our systems, as there is no math more cloying than the counting of blessings. It is not that I don’t see how amazingly lucky we are. I do. 
  • We’re lucky to be ALIVE and healthy and more or less conscious and intact and housebroken. 
  • We’re lucky to be alive NOW after the good folks before us took care of the messier aspects of inventing pie, and e-mail and deodorant and elevators. 
  • We’re lucky to be alive HERE where we are free to believe, write about, wear, eat, and say pretty much whatever asinine thing pops into our addled little minds, as evidenced by this blog.
  • All that is a great start, but it always seems like underneath all this warm fuzzy thankfulosity is an under-tone of bargaining; The assumption that if we act really grateful it’ll stall worse crap from descending. See Fate? How fun it is to do good things for us? See how grateful we are? (and worthy) 
  • But the real issue about all this thanks-giving is its implication that the job is done, mission accomplished with no room for improvement. 
  • Call it greedy, but I want more. Just because I’ve got a house doesn’t mean the world can check housing off its list of problems. Just because I have medical coverage doesn’t mean the nation is cool on health care. And just because I can eat like a pig doesn’t mean we don’t have a ways to go before hunger is no longer an issue. 
Let's just hope more of us have more to be thankful for by next Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Curmudgeons Unite!
I'm thankful for not having to be thankful if I don't want to be thankful. In conclusion. I'd rather have a tank-full than be thankful.
Lupe Fernandez

Anonymous said...

Amen! very well put.I am thankful for writers like you who can share such thoughts in a funny and meaningful way.

Alexis O'Neill said...

Love this.