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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Amy's Believe it or Not!

Dearest Dears,

Starting tomorrow, Monday, February 6th, I, Amy Goldman Koss, am off for six days to grade THE NATION'S REPORT CARD! Yes, me and 59 other volunteers (read unpaid) shall be sequestered by the United States Department of Education to do whatever it is people like us do under the circumstances, for the NAEP, National Assessment of Educational Progress to evaluate the writing skills of American students. (Training on site.)

There is an unofficial pool afloat re. how long I will last before either being drummed out by the government project leaders when they discover that I am a high school drop out who cannot spell,  who harbors an intense hatred and distrust of authority, as well as a bone-deep skepticism regarding formulaic evaluation of creative skills.

OR I bolt for the airport in screaming boredom and/or horror.

Love and Kisses  

PS. I have indeed signed a confidentiality agreement, so will report back in full upon my return.
     In the interim, please feel free to weigh in with your feelings about The Nation's Report Card, our current system of evaluating student writing, or my likelihood of completing this six day, 8:30am -5:30 pm project, intact.


Unknown said...

Good luck! i wish you the best! It is probably good for you to maintain a distrust of authority during this, because these are the No Child Left Behind people!!! But aside from that, I am excited to hear back from someone who knows what it's like to struggle through the conventional education system and then succeed greatly in the "real world." These kids need your outlook, so I hope you make it!

Goldiebug said...

wow, that sounds fascinating (and yet boring at the same time :-) Good luck! We're curious to hear your report later.

Paula D said...

I am so happy you came and brought your smile. Sitting with you and your energy at the table made my day more enjoyable, especially with the lack of chocolate. :-)

Amy Goldman Koss said...

Ditto, Paula!