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Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo! Blog!

What I remember about childhood Halloweens in Detroit:  
1. We (and by 'we' I mean my best friend Birdy and I) could run around the neighborhood at night, in the dark. 
2. We could wear makeup and jewelry and long skirts and be gorgeous Gypsies. Or we wore lovely flowing veils and were beautiful brides.
Here we are in all our radiant splendor. I assure you, the way we appear to the jaded adult eye had no bearing on the way we felt. We knew we were beautiful, graceful, lovely beyond compare, in our kitchen curtains.
(I am the shorter one, Roberta is on the Right) 
Then there were the lost years, where Gypsies and brides turned to witches and real brides.
Fast forward to Los Angeles. Upstairs apartment, funky neighborhood. I don my witches’ hat and nose, paint the face a sickly green, add lines and creases. I wear the trailing black slip and boots. I fill a giant bowl with candy.
And there I sit, all witched up and no one to scare. Not one kid comes to our door. Trick-or-treaters: zero. I cried.
Move to a different part of town. Oh boy! Kiddies to scare and scar! Oh cackle oh joy! Three little girls come as princesses, lipstick, blue eyelids, lots of jewelry.... and BAM! I’m in tears again! Biological alarm clock blares without warning: MUST HAVE DAUGHTER TO COSTUME IMMEDIATELY!!!   
I obey. Children come, they grow, they go. 
Now: Time again to dress. I take my lovely, latex nose out in preparation. Shake out the hat and slip and boots. Each year it requires less time and effort to achieve the same warty, wrinkled effect. The candy is bought, the neighborhood ripe with kids. No tears this year. I'm old and safe. Happy Halloween my friends!
Boo!  Amy 


Melodye said...

LOL! You don't scare me! :)

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Whenever I want a good scare, I look at my bank statement. AAAhhh!!!!!! Run away! Run away!
Fiscally Frightened

Cara King said...

I'm in the "no kids come to the door" stage. It's been seven years now without. The up side is that I get to eat all the candy afterward. ;-)