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Monday, August 25, 2014


When my plants put out new flowers I know it's not with me in mind. 

It's like how scantily clad teenage girls are not scantily clad for the rapey pleasure of the strangers and old-farts driving by.

But even though I'm not the species the plants are aiming to woo, I believe I'm entitled to enjoy their blooms -- as long as I don't interfere with them. 

No cutting their heads off, for instance. No dragging them inside to lie in-state in a vase. 

Surely it doesn't offend them if I just take note of their loveliness and admire their perseverance in the face of our awful drought. 

Their success all the more impressive considering my grand-dog's determined dedication to deforestation. 

So, whether or not it is my place to do so, I hereby share the current (quiet) botanical triumphs occurring in my back yard -- for your ogling enjoyment.

xo Amy

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The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Gorgeous flowers. I am a dedicated looker. I got an app for my phone, Garden Compass, so I could take pictures of plants I couldn't identify and email them off for ID. That's how I found out what a Mimosa tree looked like.