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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Run Away Rant!

They say we can't run away from our problems, and that's true if our problems are intestinal parasites that travel inside us, or psychotic delusions which do the same. 

But if our problems exist outside of our bodies, such as shit-ball husbands, or sadistic bosses, or a creep sitting next to us on the bus, or a hostile editor, or a crabby-appelton girlfriend, we can absolutely RUN AWAY!  

Yes, the jilted husband may trail us with a messy divorce and staggering legal expenses, and running away from the lousy job could leave us broke and terrified. But there's a lot to be said for escape. 

It changes the picture, knocks the needle into the next groove, cracks the future open.

Town is haunted by painful memories? We don't have to buck-up, or come to terms, or make our peace... We can RUN!

(You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.)

Roommate annoying and petty? Landlord aggressively evil? MOVE! 

Soul-sucking, dead-end career? Nasty relatives? We  don't have to work it out, or suck it up, or bite our tongue, or compromise. We can RUN! 

Working on a miserable project that grinds joylessly along? QUIT!

Have people in your life who you wish weren't? BREAK UP! DUMP THEM!

True, I'm an unemployed drop-out who has been quitting and running from things since I could walk, but still, so many of us are making do, making the best of lousy situations, biding our time, denying our own happiness, postponing joy. Forgoing that piece of pie a la mode. 

But having spent the last few months among the elderly and infirm, I'm here to say: There is no time to lose! We should be having as much fun as possible while we can! 

Let's leave no room for regrets!

xo Amy 

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