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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Dear Dears, 

This blog is celebrating the magical, powerful, unpredictable, call of a good novel -- that summons, that lure -- the seductive promise of a sweet (if brief) escape. 

I read a lot. With each first page or first chapter, I hope to be swept up and carried off... But it has been quite a while since a book really grabbed me or called to me from the other room and made me look forward to our time together when all the chores are done. Being filled with that private, delicious, anticipation is such a lovely, simple -- but not at all simple, thing. 

Many books are good enough to pass those last moments between waking and sleeping and ease me from one reality to another. But that's functional, maintenance, better-than-nothing, small r, reading. 

Sometimes I fear that my own life is too dense for a novel to get through, that my inane inner-chatter drowns everything else out. Or worse, that book-lust, too, is a passion for the young. 

Reviews and recommendations are no guarantee. Even books beloved by soul-mates are as likely as not to miss. And so much is predictable and overly familiar.

But then it happens! A novel comes along and takes over my brain, erasing everything else. And even knowing that the words will wait forever if necessary, steadfast and patient on the page -- there is a sense of urgency. 
I know it's backwards. The God of Animals
It keeps me awake, turning pages, barreling through -- but dreading the end. A book that once I've forced myself to put aside, calls to me throughout my day. 

xo Amy

P.S. This blog was inspired by the novel, 'The God of Animals' by Aryn Kyle which called to me for three glorious days. 
P.P.S. My wish for you is to get the call soon and often!

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