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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Contest!

Dear Dears,
        I was sitting in a beige, windowless, conference room at the local homeless shelter last week when I realized that what made the place so dreary was that there was no art on the walls. 
        That got me to thinking: If you're a homeless kid in transitional housing you don't have a refrigerator to hang your drawings on, or a bedroom wall to decorate with your stuff.
        So how about if we bring in some art supplies and have the kids paint some pictures to cheer the place up? And how about (since I'm of the kid's book world) if we get an illustrator in there, too?
        The full dream goes like this: When the kids come in (the shelter opens at 4:30 daily) an illustrator is there with a pile of books. He or she shows the kids some drawings and talks a little art, then signs a copy of the book for each kid to keep forever.
        Dinner is served at 6:00.  While the kids eat we set up painting stations with drop-cloths, paints, brushes, water, nice big pieces of thick paper for each kid.
        After dinner they paint. Wheeeee!
        At 8:30 the children go off to shower, homework, bed. While they sleep we frame their paintings and hang them up around the shelter. So when they wake the next morning they see their bright, beautiful, colorful, framed art on the walls! 
        The shelter will be a prettier, homier place for them having been there. And when the kids return that night, their art will be waiting! 
(we art-elves go on to the next shelter with another illustrator)     
        Here's where you come in: We need a fabulous name for this event. A warm, homey, arty, fun name. The sub-title can be, "Home is where the art is" But what is the title of the project?
        What would you name this thing? Any ideas? All you writers out there????? If you have one, please put it in the comments here, or email me at or note it on my facebook page. 
        The winner will be announced with great fanfare and he or she will receive my undying gratitude and boatloads of admiration!!!!!
        Many THANKS!!!!! and sticky kisses 
        xo Amy
        P.S. Why do we need a name? Because we don't want to go from store to store rattling our cup and begging for donations. And we do not want the illustrators to donate their time or books. That means we must apply for grants to pay for everything and make this happen, for that we need a wonderful name. 


Linelle Yates said...

"For Kids,by Kids"

TeenLibrarianChristina said...


Laura Cohen said...

Brightening Lives

Susan B James said...

Make Your Mark
Art House
The Art Part

You idea is so much better than my titles. It's perfect.
Not only do they get to exercise their natural creativity, They get to see the framed results.
I still have many of my kids paintings on the wall.