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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Because we share his car, I just dropped my college graduate son off for his first day of work at the bowling alley. 

He didn’t know yet if he would be scrubbing toilets or spraying deodorant into bowling shoes. Either way, he was glad his job search was over. 

The only other job he'd been invited back to interview for was bag-boyBut if the grocery store hires college grads as baggers now, what becomes of the disabled adults who had those jobs before?
Have they been gentrified right out of the game? Is everyone backing down the ladder, stepping on the fingers of the person below them? Ouch!

Does this explain why I recently accepted a gig with a slimy book-packager, when such a thing would have been stinky turd on my shoe not so long ago?

The point is that it's a relief to know that all this nonsense and insecurity will end this Friday when I win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. 
Because not only did I faithfully move my stickers from one place to another but I also registered daily for my rightful opportunity to claim my prize! 
And when I do, all boats will rise together!! 

That's a promise. xo amy


Unknown said...

Once you win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, you'll discover friends you never had.
Friend Before You Won

Amy Goldman Koss said...

Here's the sad and surprising follow up: I did NOT actually win the PCH sweepstakes. Am shocked and bummed to the bone, but there it is. xo amy

Unknown said...

The PCH sweepstakes are rigged to favor the unfavorable.